The Big Event

Hello James how are you doing? Get ready for a Big event that is going to happen on the 25th of August this month. My Guides are telling me, on that day focus your mind heart and soul and all you energy on the Central Sun at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy see a Violet ray coming to Earth and through you a huge Dimensional Doorway is going to be open. We will merge and become one but any human being that vibrates in a lower vibration is going to go into a 3rd dimensional World/Planet. We are going merge finally now and for all into the 5th Dimension. My sincere and best regards to you. Blessings my Beloved and Elder Brother….  EImage

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  1. Tracy said:

    James, this is what you were telling me about tonight that cut our conversation short. You mentioned a portal. All I know is that I have been really highly emotional, way more than normal.

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