CRYSTAL SKULLS act as crystallized versions of our own brains

CRYSTAL SKULLS act as crystallized versions of our own brains. They contain crystallized elements of the same, as depicted below:  




Special Reports for 2013 
about the amazing Crystal Skulls and how
they will assist humanity for a peaceful future 

compiled by Joshua Shapiro, a crystal skull explorer



This report deals with the Crystal Skulls  of which much has been discussed publicly since the release of the last Indiana Jones film in 2008. It is very clear to many of us, as we move deeper and deeper into 2013, that ancient wisdom and knowledge is coming out as many of the sacred tools that hold this wisdom are being revealed. 

For those who are not familiar with the “Crystal Skulls” – they were originally skulls discovered near or within ancient ruins in Mexico and Central America in the mid-1800’s.  These skulls were comprised o quartz crystals and were a work of art and fashioned expertly in the shape of a human bone skull. Until recently, using the latest diamond tips tools (only have been around since the late 1970’s) it was impossible to duplicate the style and form of these skulls.


To the Indigenous people, the crystal skulls are considered sacred tools that either were gifts from the Gods (ETs) or were passed from very advance civilizations in our past (Atlantis or Lemuria). We also see some connection with the crystal skulls with the people who live in the hollow earth. Since the 1990’s, modern carvers have been inspired to make them and now thousands upon thousands of new skulls are available each year. Recently, the older skulls from the past are being discovered buried in the ground in vast numbers in Mexico and also in China, Mongolia and Tibet, truly a physical tangible sign of the coming of the Golden Age.


So what Joshua has done is compiled a new report which is a series of articles about the crystal skulls which discuss 1) a brief history and why they are vital for our future; 2) What it is like to be a guardian of a crystal skull; 3) 5 Keys to activate your crystal skull and; 4) A link between the crystal skulls and the orbs.

If this new report for 2013 sound of interest, as we did last month, this report is available to our members by donation only. By sharing your donation with Joshua and his partner Katrina (known as the crystal skull explorers), a portion of your donations will also be helping and supporting our Aquarian Inter-Planetary Mission as well.

As many of you know, right now we live in challenging times as funds are becoming more difficult to come by for many people (lightworkers) who are focusing upon assisting our “Mother Earth” to move our world into a Golden Age. So even a love offering of a few dollars can make a big difference for this spiritual work and will be most humbly and graciously received. We thank you ever so much and God Bless you. There is a new paradigm of minor miracles happening in 2013 that such information must be offered in this method following a trust in the universe to provide for all of us.

Raja Dove: I have known Joshua Shapiro for nearly 3 decades (29 years) and he is one of the most dedicated lightworkers I know. In fact it was his first book, “Journeys of An Aquarian Age Networker” this book is what set me on the Path of my personal UFO Search for the Truth when he published information therein in this book acknowledging himself as a “Cosmic Wanderer”. Also in this first book he shared about the Mission of the “Star People”.  Now with his next special report and the message contained within, we are jointly sharing with you here. This report should not be missed and add onto what his previous UFO reports shared with more key information about the coming Global Transformation. We thank each of you for your kind donation.

So if you would like to get your copy of this next special 2013 report just head over ((by clicking just below) to:    

– here you will find a donation button linked to paypal.  When Joshua is notified of your donation, he will send you within a day of so this report to the email linked to your Paypal account (in a PDF format). For those who share a donation of $15 or more, he will offer the two special UFO reports he offered in June for a total of three reports (if you missed receiving them).




Lastly, Joshua was involved in the creation of the book “Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed” (1989, co-authored with Sandra Bowen and F. R. “Nick” Nocerino).Raja was then staying at the Bowen Home with his new bride Moira, while Bowen and Shapiro were off researching for the book. At the time of its release it was considered the most complete book on this subject. Now years later, he only has 20 copies left, but wanted to give a chance to our members to get their own copy before this book becomes very difficult to find. If you are curious or would like to know more about this special book on the crystal skull, please check it out by visiting the special webpage below:


Thank you again for your kind attention
in peace and light always and to a great 2013

Raja Dove with Joshua Shapiro

Raja Dove Founder, the Star Doves

Joshua Shapiro, a crystal skull explorer and UFO investigator


(see Joshua’s new book, “Search for the Blue Skull in Peru” by

  1. Abu-BakaRR said:

    Since we are on the crystal skull topic,
    question james,
    is it a regular for you to possibly hear breathing, or any type of noises coming from an idl neo skullem?

    i was sitting on what i call one of my meditation pillows in the dark, indian style & a candle litt, my neo skullem was in front on me sitting on its own pillows, i had my right hand on my right knee & my left hand 6 inches away from the neo,palms facing the chi points on top of the pryamid, i was focusing on bringing more chi energy to my left hand while meditating on certain word like love & knowing…. 2 very distinct times i herd the breath or breathing as if someone was right in front of me, but i was alone in the room, the first time i herd the sound, i played it off as someone walking out side & mabe i herd them breathing becuase the windows were open (i live on the second floor) but as i herd the breathing for the second time with all clarity, i was positive & sure of what i herd, i just want to decipher whether it was from the neo or another source
    thanks Love & Knowledge

    • no thats the first ive heard of this. Next time you hear the sound ask the person if they are of the white light and if they say yes begin to engage a conversation with them. It may be your neo speaking to you. tell your neo it doenst need to breath but it can keep making the sound if it likes.

      • Charles Gervais said:

        I have found A series of crystal brains here in Toronto. they are fascinating they all have the Pineal cut out . they look like they have become completely Calcified.

      • do you know where we can find more information about that it sounds fascinating.

      • Charlie Gervais said:

        im working on it. i haven’t had time to fully research them yet i have a bigger mystery to solve.

        On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 10:26 PM, wrote:

        > ** > James Rink commented: “do you know where we can find more information > about that it sounds fascinating. ” >

      • Charles Gervais said:

        no clue yet im working on something related but much much bigger , maybe the greatest puzzle of all human time

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