A new film production by David Sereda




Short Summary

Dear Spiritial Aspirants

As most of you know, I have been making films for over 10 years now, from Evidence, the Case for NASA UFOS, From Here to Andromeda, THE VOICE, Quantum Communication, Mona Lisa’s Little Secret, Hope for Humanity and now…


 What We Need & What You Get

I know how to Direct, Produce, Edit, Score and deliver a documentary.  You can see many of my past films at VOICEEntertainment.net to see what I have accomplished so far.  The money in a film goes to pay overhead costs, special effects, travel, interviews and DVD production. If Egypt has a stable period, we plan to send a second unit there for videography.
This is why I am asking you to pre-purchase my new DVD, “The Quantum Pyramid.”  Why pre-purchase?  Although my previous films received millions of free views on Youtube, they cost a lot of money to make and didn’t provide sufficient funds to allow me to survive doing film making that way! While the films have had income to keep them alive, they are barely surviving financial. 
I think this may just be the new way to make films: to have the people who like them support their making and to make them free on the internet as well as on DVD for people who want to see them in good quality.

To create my new DVD we need your help.  I am hoping that each of you will contribute $30  (or more if you can), so that my new film can be made! 

The Impact

This film will mathematically prove and build a case for unification of the three major religions of the world and the pyramids of Egypt.  I hope that if we can translate it into Arabic, it may help bring peace and respect in the region, but not without a new understanding of who we were and who we are! 

Math is said by scientists to be the language of the universe!  I can prove that to be incorrect and I can prove that FREQUENCY is the language of the universe!

Other Ways You Can Help

You can help by sharing the Trailer link on YouTube and by directing people who have lots of friends on Facebook and other Social Networks!

With your help, this film production will become a major success!
Please visit us at this link to see the trailer and contribute to this project. 
David Sereda
Voice Entertainment

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