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For our Aussie Readers

Dr Arcady Petrov “Tree of Life” Cell Regeneration Part I

(previously known as Basic Level)

Presenter: Dr Hazel Wardha (Ph.D.)

Dr Wardha has been personally licensed by Dr Petrov to conduct the Cell Regeneration Courses.  Since her appointment in 2012, Dr Wardha has successfully conducted courses in Australia, England, Fiji, India, Malaysia and Singapore.  The response to the techniques has been very positive and productive.


Melbourne: 19-22 September 2013 (Thursday – Sunday)

Melbourne: 6-9 February 2014 (Thursday – Sunday)


Price (includes GST): New delegates – AUD770; Repeat delegates – AUD385


To book online using your Visa or Mastercard, click on the date.

To pay by cash or cheque, please email us at infodesk.aiis@gmail.com


Please note to be eligible for the repeat delegate price, you must hold a valid Certificate of Completion issued by Dr Arcady Petrov’s Foundation for “Tree of Life” Basic Level.  If your certificate was issued outside of Australia, you will need to provide a copy.


  1. Aaron Cutrer said:

    I purchased the Neo device about a month ago in hopes it could help me mediate. I have always found it difficult to focus and concentrate during mediation. I could never reach the deep state many people talk about reaching. I hope this device helps me accomplish this deep relaxation. There is a small problem I’m having with this device I thought you might help me with. I can’t seem to keep the device from sliding off my lap when I am during a mediation. Can I simply place it on a table between my hands while I’m mediating. Or it must always be on my lap

    • put a pillow on your lap and the cube on top of the pillow

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