White Magic!



“My son bought a Samsung mobile (costing Rs.26,0000) for the price of my Neo Gate Key IDL-22, and he as well as his mother might scoff at my purchase, but I knew what the Neo Gate Key IDL-22 was worth even before I bought it! As for the results – I know that they will be as awesome as the Neo Gate Key IDL-22!

I Just did my first Neo meditation session last night! After having done all sorts of meditations (TM, TM Siddhi, Zen, Reiki, etc) for over 30 years, I must say that the energies I experienced while meditating with the Neo Gate Key IDL-22 were powerfully different, and unique!

Putting my Neo Gate Key IDL-22 through its paces! Last night I made my friend sit in front of the device, activated it, and stood behind her, and did Reiki. I could feel powerful healing energies working on my friend, so much so there was heat from my nostrils! She slept better last night after being sleepless for many days due to pains in her feet, and legs. I am going to continue doing two sessions a day for a week for my friend with the Neo Gate Key IDL-22, and will then post the results!Dr. P in India



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