How Do I Meditate?

How Do I Meditate?


By James Rink and Calixtus Ashley Wee

 So how does one meditate? Often we are so mentally occupied in our thoughts, we cannot detach from the stress of our busy schedules to engage in an activity as simple as meditation. But by looking beyond our day to day mental processes and seek a deeper state of self-awareness we can tune into the gifts of our soul including creativity, abundance, balance, and love.

How long your meditations should be may vary from person to person but its best to meditate at least 10 to 20 minutes a day; preferably early in the morning before the troubles of your day weary your mind. Remember it’s not so much the length of time you meditate but the depth. As long as its uninterrupted then you reached your desired goal of relaxation.

Meditation should be a life choice decision. It would be shame if you conducted a few sessions then give up. A recent study at George Washington University revealed ADHD sufferers who practiced transcendental meditation 10 minutes a day for three months reduced their stress and anxiety 50%. And a recent UCLA study found that those who meditate regularly have more gyrification in the brain. This means that there is more folding in the cortex, the more folds, the more we are able to process and assimilate information.

Soon you will experience reduced stress levels, a fortification of your immune system, increased concentration, intelligence and creativity, all of which leads to a healthier mind and body. You will be happier, more at peace with yourself, less prone to negative reactions, and know intuitively how to handle the most difficult trials of life that you face on a constant basis. These results are tangible and supported by much research.

There are different forms of meditation that range from chanting a mantra over and over, transcendental meditation which involves clearing the mind of all thoughts, guided audio recordings such as a past life regression, advanced yogi breathing such as pranayama, and even a device assisted meditation using the neo meditation cube.

The Neo meditation cube is based on sacred geometry and can help intensify your meditation experience by removing all the issues that usually arises when one tries to meditate, preventing you from losing your focus, from feeling the need to sleep as you meditate, which is the main problem with lots of people. The best part about the Cube is that it allows you to tap into solutions to all your problems, by altering your reality via the star gate of your pineal gland.

To learn more about how do I meditate, or free guided neo meditations for healing using the Neo Meditation Cube please visit this website at


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