Bad Dreams

“Hello James.

While the Neo Cube was in the house, I got bad dreams every night and
woke up drained and feeling real weird. I meditated with it everyday before I had the thought that it might be related to the issue.

I decided to take the cube out of the house and not use it anymore. I placed it in the yard and it has been there for a couple of weeks now. No more bad dreams and I now have restful sleep.”


The neo cube amplifies your own thoughts and psychic abilities. But having bad dreams may not be a bad thing, as you are releasing negative thought vibrations that you have cultured in your conscious life. 

The neo doesn’t bring dark things to you because its based on sacred geometry which is in tune with the god consciousness. There is probably another explanation here but without knowing more about you i cant really say what it is. Sorry to hear your results wherent so good.

Have you tried being nice to your cube? Maybe you made it angry for some reason. Did you try asking the cube to protect you from having bad dreams, of course now its doubtful it will because you were so ugly by putting it outside for all this time. I would encourage you to say your sorry and ask the cube to protect you this time, and believe the device will forgive you and it will. – James Rink

More Feedback…….

James , I immediately received that the person who wrote that is young soul wise. Moreover being young, he or she is looking to lay blame the neo cube versus taking responsibility for their own inner turmoils. If the cube evoked bad dreams, it maybe because this person needs to dig into their unconscious mind to decipher what these dreams mean in order to receive a valuable message.  Most “bad” dreams or nightmares are akin to situation circumstances we are experiencing in our 3d and are not ever really “bad.” I would chalk this up to a person who is looking to lay blame versus someone taking responsibility for their own spiritual life. Hope this helps. Oxox D


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