Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Meditation Techniques for Beginners

vipassana  Art of Living

By Susan Alexander

More Than 20 million people are either meditating or learning how to meditate in the United States at this time. Meditation was not always popular in the United States. Among the various and varied Buddhist meditative disciplines taught in the United States. Insight Meditation, or vipassana, has been, since the early 1980s, one of the fastest growing in Popularity. This change mostly came about for the practice taught independent of the Buddhist religious context. Science and the American Heart Association have confirmed the meditation helps in lower high blood pressure and is beneficial for the health of your brain. Meditation increases the synapsis of the brain open new paths ways that improve the overall functions of the brain.

Another great benefit of meditation is your spiritual connection. In what maybe some will call estrange there is the connection between Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Quantum Physics teaches us that we are all connected and that the communication between entangled particles is instant regardless of the distance between them.

One of the most important practices to be successful in learning meditation is creating a habit.  Creating a habit is easy. Practice the same thing for 21 days in a row. The time the experts say; it takes to create a habit. There are many techniques of Meditation. TM or transcended Mediation is quite popular but it does not seem appropriate for a beginner because it requires learning how to still your mind which it quite difficult for a beginner. Another popular form of Meditation is to concentrate on your breath in other to still your mind. The easiest and simpler way to get started it to follow a guided meditation while you sit or lie in a meditation position. Guided meditation offers music most of the time, that is relaxing and calm and warm voice to guide you. Guided meditation was the answer.  While sitting in an appropriate meditation position, just let the voice guide you without having to worry about the breath. It takes a little while to teach the mind to quiet, but with practice you to will be able to learn this valuable practice. Thoughts always come and go but if you allow concentrating by a guided meditation, it is much simpler to accomplish quieting your mind.

A teaching of spiritually teaches us we all make mistakes and disconnect ourselves from good vibrational energies. Every time you meditate, you start a new with good and positive vibrations this in itself is a very positive reason to learn to meditate.

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