Inner Soul Tech Sale

Innersoultech is having a sale for their manifestation plates, just thought i would pass this along to those on the fence buying a set…..

I have a great special for you today on Advanced Manifestation Plates!

View Sale :

 Get Perfectly Usable Advanced Manifestation Plates, Quantum Link Amplifier Plates, and Light Body Activator Plates Up To 75% Off.

Product Shortcomings Include: Slightly wrinkled / bent corner(s), older board versions, different board designs.

Quantities Are Very Limited – All Orders Are First Come First Serve

 Over 50 Items Total

 Have a wonderful weekend, Blessings,

   ~ Rene Hamilton
Inner Soul Tech



  1. Fetez Barnes said:

    How does it work?

      • Fetez Barnes said:

        What does the principle of radionics do? I have put the cube in the big square?

  2. place your cube on top of the amplifier plate. activate your cube then use your manifestation plate

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