The health benefits of meditation from the scientific point of view are well documented. Studies have shown reduction of blood pressure, calming of anxiety, and increased concentration; are all the direct side effects of daily practices of meditation.  I would be remiss if I do not include the overall goal in meditation is relaxation this should be the ultimate goal whether you’re a new user or a siddhis master.

One of the benefits of meditation done in a regular basis is learning how to manifest.  What is Manifestation?  Manifestation is a byproduct of magnetizing reality according to our belief system.  Many books written by distinguished authors on the subject of manifestation have laid out how to accomplish this goal through the power of altering your personal belief system.  The first step of the process is to accept that you can change your old limiting beliefs.  If you need some help there are many guided meditations created specifically for this purpose.  Also of great importance is to know what it is that you want to manifest and see and feel it as it already exists for you in the present time.  Many times, we approach our desire from the wrong point of view of the negative.  So don’t meditate and say I want to be rich, while always thinking and talking about how poor I am. Visualize yourself as being rich and thankful for all the blessings it pertains.

We you see your desire as already done, then the creation has taken place, and now you are only waiting for the manifestation.  The double-slit experiment done by Quantum Physicist shows the following “Electrons, the building blocks of all matter, have no preexisting state of  being” …. “Electrons exist in a state of pure potential” … “Your observation through your meditation and beliefs manifest the potential of the electron”.  In other words your thoughts literally create your own reality.  The above experiment has been done over and over, always with the same results.  (The experiment is in YouTube if you wish to see.)  The more familiar we become with Quantum Physics the easier is to understand spiritual thrust.

We are all fragments of God, and as a spiritual being having a human experience, it is our divine right to become a co-creator with God. This is what famed author Dr. Wayne W. Dyer said in his latest book Wishes Fulfilled….“I am saying as clearly as I know how to say it in the opening pages: There’s a plane of awareness that you can opt to live at, wherein you can, if you are willing to change your concept of yourself as an ordinary being, find yourself fulfilling any and all wishes that you have for yourself.”

So do not beg God, understand that it is your divine right to co-create with Spirit.  Of course, you have the choice to manifest or remain where you are now.  To learn more about the benefits of meditation, or free guided Neo Meditations using the Neo Meditation Cube please visit .


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