Palms were on Fire!

Hi James! Was just meditating with my Neo IDL 22 Gate Key Device after drawing Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki symbols over it. My palms were on fire, and I could experience powerful energy shifts in my multidimensional self! Hats off to this amazing invention! Best Wishes from India!


  1. Dr.P said:

    I have absolutely no doubt that the Neo IDL 22 Gate Key Device, and Crystal Skull surely set up the ultimate synchronicity to manifest our wishes with amazing precision! However, we need to be ready to grab the synchronicity by letting go off all our limiting beliefs, preconditioned notions, by freeing our mind (both conscious, and subconscious), and our cellular memory off all unwanted programs, to best tap into our unlimited potential.

    Our own mind might many times go against us, sabotaging whatever we wish to manifest, despite all the wonderful synchronicity the Neo, and the Crystal skull might set up. Total focus of our mind, body, and spirit into achieving our goal, might be a lot more easier if we make our life a simple as possible, and shut out all interaction with people, and their associated life situations, which might entangle us in negative Karma.

    Whatever you wish to manifest don’t ever talk one word about it to anybody,(except to God, to your Higher Self, to your Neo, and to your Crystal Skull) not even to your family/friends, at least till it is manifested! That is the sort of focus needed to change life situations, to bend time, and space! I guess Howard Hughes didn’t shut himself off from the outside world for nothing!

  2. s.ashok kumar said:

    sir,can you give contact number of Dr.p, i am from india.i want to buy this device IDL 22 GATE KEY DEVICE.

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