Aetheric Balance Guild

Special Thanks to Jef Harvey for the Aetheric Balance Guild

The Aetheric Balance Guild is a result of the realization that we as organisms comprised of 90% bacteria cells and 10% human cells (Human Biome Project) are living at a time when keeping our cellular fields in balance requires a nearly insurmountable obstacle course to be cleared. At JefTech Research we propose an elegant far reaching (literally globally reaching) solution,….Scalar wave transmission of  information field balancing code sets for the cells. Simply sign up for one of the session types via PayPal when the button is added this week and send a recent full body length frontal photo (withPALMS FACING OUT) with no other living organism in the picture, (not even plants). As the DNA uses light, we can use this to send the codes directly to your field. We can now accept a digital photo. We now have custom code sets available for weekly, bi- weekly or custom balancing. Our code sets run for approximately 54+ minutes per person per session and if you require more than 2 balancings per week with your choice of code sets, we will set up a custom program just for you.


The following code sets are now in use for your selection. Please call 570-219-2025

if you would like to discuss the contents of the code sets.


Animal Wellness (Jef tested on Piper) (2 sessions per wk for the price of 1 per wk)

Vitality + DNA 1 (over 250 codes, 1 session)

Spirit Balance (over 200 codes, 1 session)

Vitality + DNA 2 (over 200 codes, 1 session)

Diabetes Fields (over 200 codes, 1 session)

Food_H2O_Oxy_Mins_Vit_Cell Salts_ELF_Rad (over 200 codes, 1 session)

Gall Bladder_Kidney_Liver  Fields (over 220 codes, 1 session)


For the month of October 2013 all code sets over 300 will be half price.

Tumor_Cyst_Mold and Fungal Fields (over 300 codes, requires 2 sessions)

Spinal Column with Cerebral Spinal Fluid Fields (over 300 codes, requires 2 sessions)

Viral_Bacterial_Infection Fields (over 590 codes requires 3 sessions)

Dental Fields (over 700 codes requires 3 sessions)

Cardio-Pulmonary Fields (over 700 codes requires 3 sessions)

Neurological Fields (over 800 codes requires 4 sessions)

Click here to learn more.

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  1. Elizabeth said:

    James this looks interesting. How do you find all this stuff? Have you used this service. The prices are great!

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