Neo Side Effects

James would it be harmful to use a strong unit if you are a beginner? if yes, then what are some of the side effects? Also, you said to meditate in a dark room which means probably at night, i was wondering how would i be able to read the script for the protocols that you have designed in the dark room? Do you recommend memorizing them?

If your not used to torsion chi energy it can cause problems because the star gate brings your thoughts, desires, and what gives you excitement in life into reality. So if your living a fear based experience and enjoy gossiping, project destructive personality traits, abusive to your family and others, you start to manifest a reality where you get a lot more of that because it gives you excitement. However if you are about healing others and the planet , in control of your emotions; then the power you get behind the tool will  enhance that even more so because being good and kind to others gives you excitement. Yes you should memorize the starter protocol which in short is “device activate and increase…. device i trust you completely…. device activate star gate mode…..automatic mode…… (and when done) device end session.” 


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