Questions about my Neo Device

Thank you James! I have some questions about my neo device. (1) How many intentions do we intend in each session for manifestation? (2) How do I phrase the intentions? (3) Today, I have been dull and drowsy any ideas why? Namaste!

1. You can do as many intentions as you want. Meditation is about bringing joy and happiness to your life. Why make it a race? Have fun and pace yourself to whatever feels comfortable.

2. Intentions are activated through by either sound, light, and or thoughts. The key is to see it as already done and it is so. So don’t ask god or a higher power to give you that new Maserati see yourself inside the Maserati. Smell the leather fabric. Hear the roar of the engine as it accelerates. Do it with love and with the feeling you deserve this because it brings you joy and excitement in life . At least until you have to pay to taxes , car insurance, and maintenance never mind sticker price. So for that your going to need another intention!

3. Reduce the time your meditating. Your probably jumping timelines so much your body is not totally in this dimension. I personally mediate only 15 minutes a day.




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