Clear Quartz Crystal – Crystal Physics, The Piezoelectric Effect and Metaphysical Properties

Learn about the crystal physics, Piezoelectric Effect and metaphysical properties of Clear Quartz Crystal which is also known as Rock Crystal Quartz or Rock Crystal. Learn how Quartz was used in history as well as the purpose and benefits of those who use it for meditation, dream work and energy work.

Rock Crystal Quartz, also known as Clear Quartz, Quartz Crystal and Rock Crystal, is the second most abundant mineral within the Earth’s continental crust. Quartz Crystal is colorless and transparent, which means “clear” and is also translucent, which means that light can pass through diffusely. Quartz comes in many other varieties that are familiar such as Amethyst, Citrine, and Smokey Quartz as examples.

Quartz Crystals have what is known as Piezoelectric properties, which means electricity resulting  from pressure, This type of property holds an accumulated electric charge as a solid material. Other solid materials and biological matter that holds this type of electric charge are DNA, bone and certain ceramics.

The Piezoelectric Effect is described as the linear electromechanical interaction between the mechanical and the electrical state in crystalline materials with no inversion symmetry.The Piezoelectric Effect is a reversible process as well which means that when an outer or external electric field of energy is applied to the object or material, it exhibits and equal but opposing electric charge. An example of how Quartz Crystal is used in modern technology is in the inner-workings of the wristwatch.

The Piezoelectric Effect is also responsive to temperature changes which showed a relationship between mechanical stress and an electric charge. Although original tests were inconclusive, further tests provided evidence that the crystalline structure of Quartz in combination with applied temperature changes through studies in Thermodynamics revealing the converse effect occurred, showing reversibility. From all materials tested, Quartz was one of two materials that provided the most responsive results of Piezoelectricity. In conclusion through a textbook on Crystal Physics written in 1910 by Woldemar Voigt, there are 20 natural crystal classes outlined that are capable of Piezoelectricity shown through Tensor analysis.


In history during World War 1 and post World War 1 times, Quartz Crystals were used for multiple militant functions from sonar devices that helped naval submarine vessels navigate underwater to Ceramic Phonographic Cartridges that were developed decades later. These cartridges made record players cheap to play and much easier to design which made them affordable for most people in general. This also helped to advance building and structural strength by using an Ultrasonic Time-Domain Reflectometer which was used to send an ultrasonic pulse through a material to measure reflections of discontinuities. This pulse was sent through stone and cast metal to locate flaws by sonar using Quartz technology.

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Quartz Crystal, due to its Piezoelectric Effect, has been a favorite among people who use Quartz for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy work. People describe that working with these crystals can result in a “programming” of the crystal which means the persons intention and energy applied to the crystal can affect and change the vibrational frequency of it.

In the Chakra system which outlines the traditional seven energy centers in the physical human body, Quartz is often placed on the “Third Eye” or “Crown Chakra” to induce and amplify Psychic Reception and Astral Projection. The Third Eye Chakra which is also known as the “Brow” Chakra rests in the center of the forehead. And the Crown Chakra rests at the top of the head. Many people who use Quartz Crystal with these intentions during altered states of consciousness such as in the dream state or in deep states of meditation, discover slight to moderate and even sometimes strong energy shifts within their bodies that affect them positively.

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Some people find that by using Quartz Crystal, along with other varieties of Quartz like Amethyst or Citrine during meditations and dream work, their visual and auditory responses become much more vivid and detailed. Others find that Quartz helps them to focus and concentrate better, and guides them further into a deeper state of their subconscious, including regulating their empathic response to others. This can have multiple effects in a positive way because with a deeper state of relaxation, many people find that their physical bodies have a reduction in blood pressure, release of tension and offer further mental clarity, especially during times of stress. Quartz Crystal can also enhance the effects of Self Hypnosis and Visualizations as a tool for anger management.

Some people also find using Quartz Crystals for an overall sense of well being is very effective as a way of healing and coping from the grief associated with death and loss, or a way to regulate the fluctuations associated with aspects of depression such as Post Partum Depression.

For metaphysical purposes such as using Quartz in meditation and dream work, it is important people choose their crystals personally to ensure a strong connection the vibrations of it. Some crystals emit slight variations of vibration and the more attuned people become to the energies of crystals, the more they are able to notice the differences that help them connect to the crystal that is just right for them. Traditionally, Quartz Crystal can be energetically cleansed through salt baths, sunlight, moonlight or being placed in the earth for a short time but it is not always necessary. Quartz Crystal is self cleansing.

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