Your Prices are Cost Prohibitive

Hi James, I am intrigued at what your devices can do but I find the prices are cost prohibitive. It could look like only the ones with the funds to spare would be the only ones who would/could ascend? 


The cubes are a tool to help people relax as instructed on the website and ascension is a process which takes many life times and a lot of work. The issue of lack of funds plays no role in the Ascension process because by changing our belief system we can alter our reality. If you operate in the belief system of lack and poverty then that’s the timelines and realities that you manifest and draw to yourself. However if you desire something which you cannot afford then through meditation albeit with a neo meditation cube or without you have the power to manifest a reality that contains everything you desire. So until you choose to walk into your own self mastery you may find your path to Ascension to be a long and arduous road. 


Best Regards

James Rink


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