In Sincere Appreciation

Hello, 🙂
I discovered your site a week ago and have been listening to your meditations. I am an intermediate in terms of meditation. I am just blown away by your material here. And wanted so much to try a Neo. I’ve been on disability for 23 years, fibromyalgia, ,autoimmune illness, ptsd, anxiety. I live on a limited disability income. I live alone. No extra funds. I wanted to ask if you ever gift anyone with a Neo? I want so badly to try your technology. I’m looking for improvement in health and finances, I loved the idea of feeling the effects of medication, and several possible outcomes with a Neo. I am a deeply spiritual person, have been my whole life.

I’d sincerely love to hear back from you. I hope you have a great day. I’m in California, Sacramento area. Take care,

In Sincere Appreciation, C. 🙂

Hi C.

Perhaps you can find a friend who would like to buy a gatekey at regular price and ill send a skullem to you for free. If that is still not possible then i recommend you use a bowl. Place it on your lap and begin meditating with that. activate it like you would a neo device. 

I am not a medical practitioner but i have had great success treating my chronic fatigue and ptsd using a mix of meditating for 15 minutes a day using the neo ,  homeopathic remedies for candida, ptsd, and anxiety, as well as homemade scd yogurt. The yogurt will repair your gut so your immune system can re balance and give you more energy. The homeopathic remedies can help release the trauma blockages in your aura . And of course meditation can help reinforce your life force energy.   


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