South Spin Method

The following information was originally presented by David Kaas as a proposed method to cure cancer. According to Kaas, water H20 electron molecules rotate 180 degrees to the north or in a counter clockwise direction within insects; but with warm bloodied organisms such as humans, water electron molecules rotate 180 degrees to the south or a clockwise direction.

In the northern hemisphere of planet earth water spins counterclockwise and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. In both the north and south hemispheres all fluid that is forced through pipes spins to the north or counter clockwise. Additionally, all consumable liquids sold in the stores are spun to the north which is the opposite of what our body needs.  The result of drinking these fluids is cancer.

But we can change the direction of the spin within our own body by simply holding out our left index finger with our thumb crossed to touch the middle, ring, and pinky finger as shown below. Then simply meditate in this position and allow our bodies own chi energy to spin in a clockwise or south facing direction. Individuals who practice this method report a higher sense of wellbeing and enhanced intensity during their neo meditations.

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