Testimonial : Telepathic Download of Information

I purchased the IDL-13 about 2 weeks ago, and I’m convinced it aids my meditation and psychic ability. What convinced me was a dream I experienced immediately after applying it. In the dream I was observing different objects and people as well. Each time I focused on an object I immediately received a telepathic download of information, which I found quite thrilling. What proved fascinating is that even though each download proved short (a second or two) it contained a great deal of information, which I understood. It was a blast! Such dreams as these I might experience once every 10 years or so.

With the IDL I notice it’s much easier for me to go into trance faster and deeper. I meditate at bedtime every night, and I often can manage for my body to sleep deeply (control my snoring so as not to wake my wife) and yet remain mind awake. I noticed for best results I need to keep
my hands near the box and this is not always easy as one goes deeply into trance, but I finally figured how to do it by placing my hands further from the box than 4 inches so that as I go into trance my hands don’t touch the box.

The magnetic pull of the box is immediate and very powerful. If I’m not mentally prepared for it, it can frighten me a bit. At times the spectacular colorful imagery is incredible. Last night, I not only saw the fantastic imagery but played music (Tapestry by Carol King) as I “slept”. I felt like I could run a number of programs in my mind while experiencing the imagery instead of only doing one thing at a time. I estimate that the IDL-13 probably doubles my meditative abilities. My goal is to eventually astral travel. Initially I proved quite skeptical of your IDL thinking that it would prove a waste of money. I’m glad to admit I was incorrect.

No success yet attempting to contact service to others ETs. Any hints on this or recovering past life memories or activating one’s full potential (inactivated DNA)? Would the more expensive IDLs make that much of a difference?

I’m in California. If you have any ideas how we can stop this HAARP created drought please do tell. Keep up the good work.

Feedback: Try the psychic activation exercise that was just posted on this blog. The other devices have more metals and types of crystals some very rare and expensive. If your goal is relaxation then the skullem will help you achieve that goal . But I believe the monastery IDL44 would be the most helpful to you. As for HAARP I would suggest photoshopping a picture of the state of California so the deserts areas are green and you can add the words.

“The State of California”
“Abundant rainfall for all”
“A place of global catalyst of free energy revolution”

Add your own creative touch.  Place this and a drawing of the ET’s you wish to contact inside your cube. Happy Travels. – James Rink

Learn more about the Skullem device 



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