Psychic Ability Activation

Some individuals new to meditation and the metaphysical in general may not be energy sensitive. They  may find themselves purchasing various healing tools hoping it will immediately solve all their problems while yet not realizing that good things only come to those who are willing to do the work. If this describes you then please continue reading.

If you have tried radionics machines, a neo meditation cube, crystals devices such as healing wands or skulls, copper pyramids, orgone blasters, etc. and continue to wonder why I am not feeling anything; it is because your etheric DNA is not fully activated. What you see in the physical dimension is only one reflection of who you are.  The real you or your soul is operating as a single unit scattered about throughout other dimensions, parallel realities, and timelines. Sometimes blocks are created from trauma whether in this life or another. No matter the source you have the power to overcome them.

But first you must allow yourself to accept the belief system we are more than physical bodies and that is when the magic happens. These thought forms then pass into the etheric matrix that surrounds our dimension and through love vibration begins to bend reality with help from our spirit guides and guardian angels. Provided you have taken the first step and accepted the belief system that you are psychic, then try this exercise which will help activate your palm chakra so that you can begin to feel chi energy while using your neo meditation device.

Start by rubbing your hands together, and then imagine a dagger cutting a hole horizontal and vertical within your palm chakras. This will create a + shape that will open you up to the other realms. Be sure to repeat this simple exercise before each meditation until you begin feeling the chi energy flowing into your palms.

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  1. Zulie said:

    HI James I did what you asked your readers to do I rubbed my hands together etc. And I felt my hands vibrating and getting hot. I do have 2 Neo devices and am meditating with them and I feel strong psychically and energically, I liked doing this the energy in my hands felt stronger and faster. But I would recommend anybody who hasnt’ to not lose faith I didn’t have the Neo divices and I do remember taking a chi gong class and I would rub my hands together and not feel anything I really do like your information to make a cross horizonal and vertical lines. Love your blogs. Zulie

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