Meditation Guide to Grounding

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What is grounding

Chances are you have heard someone talking about ‘grounding’ at one point or another. But what does grounding actually mean?

Grounding is a spiritual term, referring to centering your soul in your body, and in turn, connecting it with Mother Earth. When these connections are strong, it can help you feel safer and more in touch with the earth and Mother Nature. If you experience a lot of fear and anxiety in your day-to-day, it is possible that you have become ungrounded.

So what is the best way to ground yourself? It’s quite simple really – and you have choices. The easiest way is to go outside and stand on the grass. (It is recommended that you take your shoes off.)

At this time, in your mind say, “I am connecting and grounding myself to the spirit of the earth now”.
Another great way to ground yourself is to go for a short walk in nature.

You can stand or sit under a large tree and visualize your energy merging with the tree roots. Imagine and feel roots coming out of the soles of your feet and connecting with the roots of the tree and traveling deep into Mother Earth.

Eating food is also very grounding. Root vegetables are very good for this, as well as heavier foods such as pasta and pizza. As a vegetarian, it has been important for me to eat pizza and pasta every now and then to help with grounding. Meat is also quite grounding, for those that are not vegetarians. When you are grounded, and feeling centered, you are less likely to be influenced by negative forces.

Interestingly, drugs and alcohol un-ground a person and you are more likely to be targeted by astral entities while under the influence. If you want to have a few drinks, it is better to have them with a heavy meal.

It is also known that the body can put on a few extra kilos to assist with grounding. This is more common than you would believe, particularly for those on a spiritual path that are holding more of their soul and higher vibration.

As you can see, there are many ways to ground yourself, become more soul-centered and connected to Mother Earth. I hope this information has been informative and useful if you need assistance with grounding.

So what do you do if you’re ungrounded? Here are five ways to ground yourself. You can do them all or pick the ones that resonate with you.

Moving your physical body reminds you that you have one. Instead of zoning out in front of the tv while a show transports your mind to a fantasy land, get up off the couch and get moving! Try dancing, aerobics, hip hop abs, weight lifting, or jogging through your neighborhood. Jump up and down a little, that will get things settled.

Walk on the Earth
Take off your shoes and walk on the Earth. Not the concrete. Find some actual Earth. Run through the grass, take a stroll along the sandy beach. I don’t recommend rock climbing without shoes though. 😉 The Earth carries an energy that nourishes your energetic body. But when you wear shoes and walk on concrete you don’t get to absorb that energy. So get back to nature and let Mother Earth ground and restore your energy.

Sit quietly and imagine roots going from your feet deep into the core of the Earth. Plant yourself. The first time I tried this I wasn’t expecting much, but I was amazed at how this actually felt. Imagine your feet have grown roots, and like a beanstalk imagine the roots snaking their way down into the Earth. Go all the way to the core. This will completely ground you energetically.

Sit in hot water
A hot bath or a dip in the Jacuzzi isn’t just relaxing, it’s cleansing. Take a hot bath with some Epsom salts mixed into the water. Water is purifying. Sitting in a warm tub of water will slough off any negative energy that’s sticking to you. The shower is okay if you don’t have a tub, but while you’re in the shower, you want to imagine all the gunky energy peeling off your body and going down the drain. Sometimes other people’s energies can stick to us. You may come home from work with other people’s problems attached to you. Water will clear that right up.

Sit in Stillness
Be in the present moment. Sit in a chair or better yet, sit outside on the grass under a tree. Get quiet. Just look, just listen, just feel the air gliding around your body. Notice what you smell. Notice what you hear. Just absorb the present moment. Disallow your mind from wandering to the future or the past. Just be in the now. Notice that you are alright, that nothing bad is happening to you, and that you are totally at One with the world around you.

There are many ways to ground yourself. What is your favorite method?

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