Increasing the Speed of the Neo Device

I have to say before or after I ask for something in this matter, “No harm to know one and justice for all”! It covers any stupid request I might spit and sputter along the way! You see once you are psychically connected to this the only way to stop it is not to use it for 30 days and everything will cease! In the box is a spherical CPU it contains layers and layers of precious and semi-precious and copper metals throughout, along with human hairs stuffed in between each metal layer. This is how NEO can contact you personally through the human DNA which everyone has!  This sphere is then placed into a plastic container! One can take out sphere and place on top of a stand you would place a crystal ball on to. You can use it like that as well.

My custom built SuperBeacon from EJ Gold which is being built at this time, will work in concert with the NEO! But I too have to be careful that I don’t over due it. I am not sure what would happen with overlapping a orgone energy device with the Schulman frequencies along with the outer space signals that gets filtrated through the crystal radio that was built to house them and then transmits these signal to the saline solution or the human bodes liquid through the blood and CNS and finally to the brain. This beacon blocks out all manmade mega-waves using a “Nullifier”. So after using the NEO for 5 minutes and setting back and holding the super beacon’s copper coil handles that are plugged into the radio for the last 45 minutes of the mediation.

This should either increase the speed in which to use the NEO or increase the results period, looking at the morph you just created!


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