Who are You?

Hello I live on a small farm in BC, Canada. I first heard of you a few months ago from another women at the farm who is a wonderful psychic, and we started doing your Neomeditations (which are great!).

This farm has a very special energy and ET presence. Last year, when I first arrived, I had a very memorable dream where I saw somebody who I did not recognize and felt this overwhelming feeling of universal love towards this person, and I asked, “who are you?” and they replied, “JR”. For over a year a wondered who this “JR” was. After a few weeks of doing your neomeditations, my psychic friend confirmed that it was you in my dream from a year ago.  I view my dream as a confirmation to keep my heart open to all the possibilities in this world. Thank you for your honesty in your videos and know that people all over the world are listening 🙂

Thanks I am taking a break for making more neomeditations for a while. But here is the full archive https://www.youtube.com/user/neologicaltech/videos

–  James Rink




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