IDL80 Restoring Health

I guess i just realized my believability could come into question seeing as how you technically have no reference of who i am lol. But anyway…

My mother was just diagnosed with cancer in the stomach area two weeks ago with 7 cancerous tumors.

Everynight i used idl80 to restore her chi, her auric field’s, to also re-write her etheric dna, and restore her body’s functions. I asked for all possible medical entities in the universe and angels to assist.

Three nights ago i asked for a name of the entity helping her out. I heard the distinct name “ralph”. To which i replied you couldnt possibly be named just ralph….until i remembered this could be the patron saint of healing st rapheal.


I was always hesitant to start drinking the mint tea only because i wasnt excited to give away an aspect of myself to essentially an unknown being/entity.

That being said….with the devastating family news, i threw caution to the wind and starting in on drinking the mint tea 2-3x day.

My only intention was for the beings which come to help me….to just go directly to my mother and help out with her health.

My mother called me this morning to tell me about an experience she had last night. She was freaked out.

She was abducted arounded 3 am (either lucidly thru dream state or physically…she couldnt tell). But a craft came down, where she went inside. A green beam was put on her. It lasted for a short while until she freaked out and she suddenly was back in her bed, wide awake.

The thing is, she had never spoken of aliens before this or even knew i was doing this for her. She called me to tell me about the experience.

For the past two weeks, her stomach was bloated, her tumors were tender and large, she couldnt walk because of severe back pain, she was nauseous and constipated.

This morning everything was gone, except for a faint nonpainful bump of the tumor on her side. She had normal bowel movements, no nausea, no back pain what so ever. We both are unsure what to do next, or what happens next…..

The people she was staying with claim its been a miracle of jesus. She hasnt looked this good, this young, and moved this well in years. I couldnt believe it when i saw her. I explained to her what i had been doing and that the abduction was most likely the result of the tea. Im pretty sure it was ACIO beings….but how can you even bring up the subject to an un-awakened person lol

Its a bit of an isolating event…like i said…who can you actually tell? Maybe, you? Lol

Yes thanks for sharing. Enjoy your newly extended time with your mother – James Rink

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