Neo Infinity – “It was Amazing”

The device arrived yesterday, thank you again. The women who’s farm I am living on is very psychic, and we used it for the first time last night to protect the farm and the animals. It was amazing and the energy was so intense, we were joking that we were feeling energy “stoned” just sitting next to it on the couch when it was still in the box. We also found that if we both have the same intention, that we can use it together, to help magnify the protection.

This morning when I came down for chores, she told me that she saw all my chakras were much larger and more magnified, in both the front and the back and I was completely connected to source. She said my third eye became an enlarged cone. I am telling you this because all of these changes literally happened over night! wow!
For her, in the meditation last night, she was shown where in the farm where energy was blocked and she watched the neodevice harmonize and normalize all the locations, including some of the animals that were needing healing.
We both would like to share our gratitude and love for this device and share this with you.
Thanks 🙂

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