Helped My Own Soul Growth

Hello James,

I recently bought the Neo-Infinity a month or so ago, and wanted to let you know how life changing it has been for me. I just recently used the Neo to help facilitate some of my own past life healings, and again, I am so grateful, because not only has this helped my own soul growth, but others too. I love how creative you can be with the device, and I can feel the more that I trust it, the deeper I can go with healing and creating
I had a question, in your protocols you say “integrate my mind, body, and spirit“. Why do you use the word spirit and not soul? what is the difference in your opinion?   If you have the time to respond, that would be appreciated, but I understand completely either way! I’m sure you are very busy.
Thanks again!
Thanks for writing . Your soul denotes your mortality. As it reflects the death and reborn process of reincarnation, with each new body suffering from the pains of separation from source.  Spirit however,  is immortal and is always connected to all of creation. As above so below , by invoking your true self you proclaim your divinity as a creator being.  – James Rink

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