Hello James,

I recently bought the Neo-Infinity a month or so ago, and wanted to let you know how life changing it has been for me. I just recently used the Neo to help facilitate some of my own past life healings, and again, I am so grateful, because not only has this helped my own soul growth, but others too. I love how creative you can be with the device, and I can feel the more that I trust it, the deeper I can go with healing and creating
I had a question, in your protocols you say “integrate my mind, body, and spirit“. Why do you use the word spirit and not soul? what is the difference in your opinion?   If you have the time to respond, that would be appreciated, but I understand completely either way! I’m sure you are very busy.
Thanks again!
Thanks for writing . Your soul denotes your mortality. As it reflects the death and reborn process of reincarnation, with each new body suffering from the pains of separation from source.  Spirit however,  is immortal and is always connected to all of creation. As above so below , by invoking your true self you proclaim your divinity as a creator being.  – James Rink

The device arrived yesterday, thank you again. The women who’s farm I am living on is very psychic, and we used it for the first time last night to protect the farm and the animals. It was amazing and the energy was so intense, we were joking that we were feeling energy “stoned” just sitting next to it on the couch when it was still in the box. We also found that if we both have the same intention, that we can use it together, to help magnify the protection.

This morning when I came down for chores, she told me that she saw all my chakras were much larger and more magnified, in both the front and the back and I was completely connected to source. She said my third eye became an enlarged cone. I am telling you this because all of these changes literally happened over night! wow!
For her, in the meditation last night, she was shown where in the farm where energy was blocked and she watched the neodevice harmonize and normalize all the locations, including some of the animals that were needing healing.
We both would like to share our gratitude and love for this device and share this with you.
Thanks 🙂


Four years ago I payed $425 to buy this white plastic box called the IDL 22 Gate Key device from USA which has been on my table ever since. Many times I thought it was wasted money. Just yesterday I decided to restart using the Gate Key device. Today after my regular Reiki practice, I meditated with the Gate Key too and felt powerful energies. I rested for a while, and dreamt of my father (who passed away in 1995) with a big white dog! The dream was so real the dog was sniffing and jumping upon me licking when my father appeared at a distance in his white handloom Khadi dress which he always wore. As I ran towards him along with the dog I awoke from the dream!

I have received my Skullem about 2 weeks ago and I have to say, I love it 🙂

I am energy sensitive person and after second meditation with cube I felt it’s energy flow which was great  (I felt so full of energy after meditation).

So I’m sending you these mail because you’re more familiar with cube than I am at the moment.

I wan’t to activate my inner vision /third eye or whatever people are calling that. In some of my meditation I see, for a short period of time some kind of pulsing shapes (triangular shapes), but usually they disappear.

So how to improve vision in meditations with Skullem, what to ask it ect.

Oh and i have to say; you’re Super solder talk is great. Since i found you, I haven’t miss one show and i think that you’re doing great job, so respect for that .

Thank you for answer.
Ask your device to inject you with clairvoyance serums and connect with the crystal skull grid.  Also load up your box with quartz and lapis. Thanks for the feedback enjoy your skullem. – James Rink
Hi James! Thank you for all your support and help!

My daughter A. found the sponsor to continue going to school for 1 more year. I want to let you know that if you need my testimony, here I am to do it! I received the cube  yesterday, and getting everything ready to start using it today. I added the hair already. I have financial problems regarding student loans, and of course credit cards, and because I own a lots of money I need to start working it, and  how to be more calm and come down because sometimes I feel discouraged with my situation.

Thank you again! God bless you!