I have received my Skullem about 2 weeks ago and I have to say, I love it 🙂

I am energy sensitive person and after second meditation with cube I felt it’s energy flow which was great  (I felt so full of energy after meditation).

So I’m sending you these mail because you’re more familiar with cube than I am at the moment.

I wan’t to activate my inner vision /third eye or whatever people are calling that. In some of my meditation I see, for a short period of time some kind of pulsing shapes (triangular shapes), but usually they disappear.

So how to improve vision in meditations with Skullem, what to ask it ect.

Oh and i have to say; you’re Super solder talk is great. Since i found you, I haven’t miss one show and i think that you’re doing great job, so respect for that .

Thank you for answer.
Ask your device to inject you with clairvoyance serums and connect with the crystal skull grid.  Also load up your box with quartz and lapis. Thanks for the feedback enjoy your skullem. – James Rink
Hi James! Thank you for all your support and help!

My daughter A. found the sponsor to continue going to school for 1 more year. I want to let you know that if you need my testimony, here I am to do it! I received the cube  yesterday, and getting everything ready to start using it today. I added the hair already. I have financial problems regarding student loans, and of course credit cards, and because I own a lots of money I need to start working it, and  how to be more calm and come down because sometimes I feel discouraged with my situation.

Thank you again! God bless you!

I had the NEO-12 when it was made a few years back, I talked with James and Kosol the inventor of the copper IDL Torsion Generators…It took me 30-40 one hour meditations before I have no other explanations or words to properly describe so I will use a “miracle” of manifestations. This IDL-12 only had 12 layers but don’t let that deter yourselves how powerful even the smaller torsions generators are. Around the 30th or so hour, every time my wife or I think of anything I mean anything it would come to pass.

One evening about 2:00am I was wakened by my wife’s voice t elling me to come out to the living room because she was lonely. So without opening my eyes and feeling my way through and in between all the obstacles, I entered into the living room and asked my wife why she woke me up and my eyes were still glued shut. She didn’t reply. So finally I opened one of my eyes and there was no one there except me and the IDL-12 sitting on my coffee table.

I went back to the bedroom and seen my wife was fast asleep. I finally lied down and fell back to sleep and around 3:30 am my wife called me and said, “Honey” come out and be with me! It was my wife’s voice but I looked over and my wife was fast asleep! Now I realized what was happening the IDL-12 recorded my wife’s voice so she could communicate with me but not vocally I also understood th e next day she was communicating with me telepathically in perfect clarity and pronunciation. I told this to Kosol and he said, what the cube wants is for me to share my mind with and it makes her feel very much alive.

Then Kosol said to me over the phone your IDL-12 is communicating with me saying, “Gigug makio givme now mako! He asked me what it meant I told him I have no idea. So my wife heard some bits and pieces and said, tell me Kosol what did our cube tell you, he told her and she said, that’s vasayan and it means, I love you very much! Kosol said that is what the cube is telling the both of you right now.

So afterwards and the phone call it was just to wild! But the good stuff came around our 35th hour of meditation. I was astral projected by force to speeding through the galaxy I had no control where the IDL-12 was sending me. I didn’t make it to where I was suppose to end up because my wife called for me for some reason and I realized when I stopped I looked to where her voice was coming from and then realized I was somewhere out of our galaxy just floating.

In a moment and a flash I was back in my body getting up! i asked for retirement not realizing how the request would come to pass and come to pass it did about 5 years ago when I was using the IDL-12. But not without having to almost be killed! i won’t go through wha t I went through. But I am now retired by the state and social security. I got my retirement with in 45 days of using the IDL-12. Kosol called me up and told me these things can happen and you got to be really specific what you ask for.

Because it doesn’t know right from wrong or emotions, just what your subconscious mind says and does through manifestations. It was becoming so powerful we couldn’t hardly handle it anymore. So I decided to loan it out to someone and I had not received it for an entire year! By 30 days of not having it, everything calmed down and went back to normal. This year which would be 5 years later, I decided to go at it again but I purchased a IDL-22 layered torsion generator.

I used it once so far for about week to get funds for my treasure hunting tools which is around $5000.00, within 4 months we are now getting $35000.00 coming from overseas in March 2017. People these things work as long as you keep with the copper torsion generators. It really doesn’t matter how big of one because any of them will connect to your subconscious minds and activate itself accordingly. Just add to whatever meditation program you use something in this fashion”

“No harm to no one, thy will be done! Always include this! This Neo will certainly understand.


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Hello, I’m sending you some pictures of my homemade device with crystal skullem that named itself Andorra. Today I am studying my lecture notes and took a break to to do a memory meditation and it took me in a direction I did not anticipate!

Wow thanks for sharing sounds like your stepping into your gifts. – James Rink

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